Skater Aluminum Mess Tin 600ml (橙色/灰色/綠色/黃色)



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600ml (紅色/灰色/綠色/黃色)
尺寸: 約108 x 167 x H55mm
手柄長度: 約150mm
容量: 約600ml
重量: 約185g

850ml (紅色/灰色/綠色/黃色)
尺寸: 約122 x 182 x H61mm
手柄長度: 約160mm
容量: 約850ml
重量: 約225g

1000ml (紅色/灰色/綠色/黃色)
尺寸: 約129 x 197 x H66mm
手柄長度: 約175mm
容量: 約1000ml
重量: 約235g

本體: 鋁合金 厚度1.0mm
手柄: 不銹鋼、PVC包套
塗層: 氧化鋁加工

– 不能使用於微波爐、焗爐、電磁爐及洗碗機
– 不應用於長時間存放食材
– 油炸食品時,油溫不要超過200度



The SKATER Co., Ltd. has held the Love in Heart, Dreams for Living slogan high since its launch in 1950, and has been rewarded with a loyal patronage for the past 60 years. We were among the first in the industry to outsource production, tapping into consumer needs to reach beyond conventional materials in designing our products. As a food-related manufacturer, The SKATER Co., Ltd. remains committed to the principles of reliability and security as well as key concepts of quality, functional capability, design, trend, price, environment, health, comfort and time reduction in product development.


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