Opinel Le Petit Chef 3pc. Set 小廚神刀具組



貨號: 3123840017469 分類:
  • 原木手柄,不銹鋼製刀刃減低需要保養的次數及侵蝕性
  • 圓頭菜刀,設計紅色膠環,令兒童能更正確使用刀具
  • 手指保護檔,避免切食物時手指受傷
  • 刨皮器亦有安全指環指導兒童正確握緊工具
  • 法國品牌
  • 適合7歲以上兒童使用
Opinel Le Petit Chef 3pc. Set
廚刀尺寸:(約) 21 x 7.5cm
保護檔尺寸:(約) 6 x 6cm
刨皮器尺寸:(約) 12.7 x 7.6cm
* 雖然刀具是以兒童安全為目的去設計,但因刀具依然存在使用不當的受傷風險,希望不要讓小孩自行使用,應在有成年人陪同及指導下使用,降低風險



In 1890, in a small Savoie village in Maurienne, Joseph Opinel invented the pocket knife that now bears his name. The Opinel company located at Chambéry in the heart of the Alps, is still run by the descendants of Joseph Opinel and manufactures items whose quality has made the brand famous for nearly 130 years. The collection contains knives and pocket tools for DIY, sport, outdoors activities and gardening as well as kitchen knives and table knives…

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