Barebones Pathfinder Cooler (Grey) CLR-702



  • 可容納多達16罐,12盎司罐裝飲品(約9.5L)
  • 開瓶器拉鍊拉
  • 可拆卸/可調節肩帶、可拆卸內膽
  • 帶磁扣的儲物袋
  • 抗菌襯裡
  • 防護底座
  • 防銹拉鍊和五金件
  • 真皮飾邊
  • 耐用,防水和FDA批准的材料
  • 外型尺寸
  • 12“寬x 8”長x 9“高
  • 16罐容量



Barebones has a history steeped in philanthropic work and continues to help lift people out of poverty by providing essential skills, education, and tools. The first product ever created by the Barebones team was the state-of-the-art emergency shelter, and this continues to be one of the primary assets they provide to underprivileged communities and disaster recovery efforts. With these bare-bone shelters, people in countries across the globe are actively receiving the protection they desperately need. Barebones has evolved from its philanthropic roots, but continues humanitarian efforts and the “Do Good” philosophy it was founded on.
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