Full Windsor

We are an outdoors company making useful things for folk that love to play outside.

Play is serious stuff. It’s the way we learn about the world and expand our capability. At Full Windsor, play is how we unlock the serious business of clever design. In our workshop we create tactile, hands-on things that make outdoor times better. That look good, work better and last (at least) a lifetime. You see, we want your kids to inherit your useful things. And also pass on a thriving planet, where there are still wild places to get outside and play. That’s why every useful thing we make is designed for durability and sustainability. To be used and used and used some more. And to make as small a dent in the planet as is humanly possible.

Full Windsor is based out of Eagle Rock, California. We have bootstrapped and crowdfunded our way into existence, and are still 100% family owned and operated.

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